My Favorite Items! :D

Alright. I just want to list some of the things I LOVE on Stardoll.

*Note: Some of these items may not available anymore, and some are Stardesign. :c

Claire Wings- Tingeling TopherLovers suite

Red Sailor Sweater- It Girls TopherLovers suite

White Knot Shirt- Denim And Supply Ralph Lauren TopherLovers suite

Wild Child Tee- (Unknown) TopherLovers suite

Hot Buys Headphones- Hot Buys 

Ripped Denim Hotpants- Archive TopherLovers suite

Emo Couple Shirt- blackgoddes TopherLovers suite

Sketch Tee- Fallen Angel Girls TopherLovers suite

Ivory Cotton Blend Love Top- Chloé TopherLovers suite

Amadi Ankle Boots- Nelly TopherLovers suite

Beast T-Shirt- Killah TopherLovers suite

Night Tree Dress- Fallen Angel Girls TopherLovers suite

Pink Stiletto Sneakers- Archive TopherLovers suite

Nelly Shorts- Nelly TopherLovers suite

Keep Calm And Be Weird Shirt- kick.-. (account by kikmesign) TopherLovers suite

Leg Tattoo- Evil Panda TopherLovers suite

Left Arm Sleeve Tattoo- Evil Panda TopherLovers suite

Right Arm Sleeve Tattoo- Evil Panda TopherLovers suite

Tennis Shoes- Evil Panda TopherLovers suite

Safety Pin- Evil Panda  TopherLovers suite



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